Spread Your Wings and Glide...

Long, long time ago...
In a far, far away land...

A young girl traveled through the skies
of a flotating islands kingdom,
to find her most precious thing.

Will she accomplish her goal?
How will this story end?

It only depends on you...

Glide through air currents to reach high altitudes and make your way to the tower. Some of them are not visible at first glance. It is told that only he who prays to the birds will be able to reveal the path to the Eternal Kingdoms...
Throughout the islands you will find little altars with a bird emblem on their center. They are the key to open the tower’s path, which will only appear if a powerful wind reaches all of the emblems' hearts...
You are not alone! Somewhere in the sky, a great friend awaits. From the adverse winds he will protect you, and he will guide you to the windy way... if you can awaken him first.

Download the game here

Minimum PC requirements:

- Windows XP/Vista/7/8
- 2 Ghz processor
- 2 Gb Ram
- 3D Graphics Card with 256 Mb
- DirectX 9

Download the OST here

Themes (in MP3 format):

- 01- Spread Your Wings...
- 02- Glide
- 03- The Distant Skies
- 04- Shrine
- 05- Opened Path
- 06- The Last Flyway
- 07- Far Away
- 08- The Most Dangerous Route
- 09- The Whirlwind Way
- 10- Endless Kingdoms
- 11- Farewell (Performed by Núria Deulofeu)
- 12- Bonus Track - Original Main Theme

Dopamine Shot is a team of five students (three coders and two artists) who are devoted to creating unique experiences while learning as much as possible. This game has been created as a result of nine months of work, for the Master at Video Game Creation (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). The engine and tools were custom-built from scratch, using C++ and DirectX9. 3Ds Max, Photoshop and Mudbox were the only external tools used for creating content. Our names are:
Eduardo Calderón López - Programmer
Joel Díaz Torregrosa - Artist
Luis Ricardo Ortega Arias - Programmer
Aurelio Provedo Cobos - Artist
Roger Tarrago Bonfill - Programmer

Special Thanks:

Marc Valero - Composer/Musician
Núria Deulofeu - Girl’s voice
Mitch Smith - Brother’s and Golem's voices
Geber Luis - Skylands logo
Rossana Antouri - Dopamine Shot logo
Affordable Audio 4 Everyone - SFX
Freesound.org - SFX